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These long dreamed about socks that were carefully studied and designed and are a remix of the Historical Design by Marcus Garvey's Red, Black and Green Colors for The Pan-African Solidarity movement of the 1920's, and the colors of The Urban African American Activist Tribe Vibe Brand and their supporters of the 1960's, redeveloped for this High Visual Frequency Foot Wear, passionately produced for those special brave hearted folks STEPPING OUT ON CREATIVITY ALINED COSMICLY TO A MISSION FOR THE GREATER GOOD.

Made in the U.S.A.
Open Edition

Fun(k)tional Design: Evolutionary Urban Aesthetic Socks.

Size 8-12

Care instructions: Machine wash warm water, gental cycle. Air Dry. No Bleach.


38% Recycled Cotton,

36% Recycled Polyester,

21% Nylon,

3% Spandex,

2% Other.

Multi image views of style to wear this versatile, Frequency-Footwear?

Designed by

Artist/Designer/Cultural Activist

Xenobia Bailey (AKA) Her Royal "Flyness"