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This Vacant Armchair Still-Life Photography Poster Series, is celebrating and memorializing ancestors and the Souls we have lost to war, violence, disease, accidents, suicide and the present pandemic. This Vacant Baby Highchair celebrates and is Welcoming the Newborn Souls who are conimg forth.

Each still-life poster is 11” x 17” and priced for $65.00, they come with my right-hand-fist print, an above and below “XENBA/XENBA” brand stamp, my signature and dated on the back.

This artist posters is a Still Life Photographs is an example of the styling skills of the African American Homemaker who had the skill of making the mosts out of the least with a vintage crochet afghans in the colors of non-colonized Ethiopian Flag, and a vintage homemake wooden chair. This is a photo from my studio study of the art of animating charactor into layering found objects by draping a handmade domestic textiles over a chair that unknowingly created a likeness to Nigerian Egunguns, honoring and celebrating the linage of the household.

NIGERIAN EGUNGUN: Ceremonial textiles of the Yuruba Culture that maintains a Family reverence, I have adapted this cultural practice to the study for the rememberance of any ounce of blood know or unknow African and African American Ancestors, who appreciate this symbolic presence in the culturally disrupted Africa American Home or the homes of sympathizers.

A Funktional Product of the studio project: "PARADISE UNDER RECONSTRUCTION IN THE AESTHETIC OF FUNK": Living a Dream in a Nightmare: Mythologizing and Monetizing the uncolonized African American imagination for social and economic development. An Ancestorial Homemaker Research and development project aimed to industrialize the Material Culture produced by the African American Homemaker/Caregiver. Inspired by the household my Mothers Sustained that is rooted in her linage of a young girl Cultivated in a Share Cropping household in the SouthWest, and as an adult Cultivating a Funktional Urban Household in the Pacific NorthWest.