Straight out of this World, Vacant Chair series; #11

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This is a Open Edition Print Series.
Meaning: The prints may be discontinued at anytime.

(FYI: Color of actual print will be a little different from screen image.)

30” x 38” glossy metallic print

This photo of a vintage hand crochet afghan draped over a vintage handmade, wooden, antique high chair is a design narratives based on a traditional Material Culture rurall, Urban and suburban lifestyle of enhancing the lower income African American Home with "second hand" furnishings and handmade domestic textiles.  Celebrating the Stylizing skill of the African American Homemaker/Caregiver to bring the ultiment aesthetic to the least valued items. 

This is Studio study restyling documenting, researching, experimenting and development a Supernatural Funktional Design for Afro-Futuristic Creative Community and collectors of Contemporary Afro-Futuristic Interior Textile.

A study of Modeling the homemaking lifestyle of the Youthful Black Power, Counterculture Fiber Arts & Crafts movement in the 1960’s and 70’s that the students, artist and activist created in there homes during that era, that was a product of the African DNA inheritance in the African American Homemaker/Caregiver/Domestic Worker (The artist’s mother) who ignited ‘Black Joy” into the household, creating models of how-to bring value to undervalued discards items, by remixing found objects into wonders to have and behold.

An early historical African American folkway,) while resisting generational affliction, oppression and assimilation.